CASE STUDY – Social Media Client

By November 18, 2015Case Study

CLIENT PROFILE: Client is a single-person sole proprietorship providing an online forum for women over 18 to make new friends, share similar interests and attend hosted events. The competitive advantage is that membership is free and events, typically costing $10 – $40., are offered.        


  1. Logistical challenges related to the actual organization of the events.
  2. An inability to absorb a large surge in new membership.
  3. A lack of focus on financial fundamentals.


  1. The development of a business plan to outsource event planning.
  2. The business plan to also focus on a more modest expansion concentrated on urban centers ensuring a manageable membership build.
  3. The engagement of an accountant to help set up basic accounting procedures and secure liability insurance.
  4. An increased focus on website content to encourage repeat website visitation