CASE STUDY – Infection Control Products Client

By April 7, 2016Case Study

CLIENT PROFILE: Client produces, assembles and sells niche infection control products such as cleanable vinyl pulls used for bed lights and nurse alerts for use in hospitals, long term care and retirement facilities. The company is owned by the principal and his wife although he is currently unable to devote full-time attention to the business given outside employment. Sales are 50% distributed by 5 major distributors with the balance corporate/direct sales.  


  1. Insufficient financial incentive for distributors to grow market share.
  2. Lack of individual product profitability data.
  3. Inability in identifying key purchase decision makers.
  4. Lack of marketing focus.


  1. Recommend hiring a full time salesperson to help articulate the company’s value proposition and identify and target key client stakeholders.
  2. Engage an outside accountant to help develop accounting structure including a costing process.
  3. Develop a marketing plan focused on working with lighting manufactures; while developing articles in trade and medical journals.