CASE STUDY – Active Wear Client

By October 11, 2016Case Study

CLIENT PROFILE:  Client is an early-stage interactive online manufacturer of luxury active wear. Customers are able to customize their orders by selecting amongst various fabric and color options to create clothing to suit their individual tastes.


  1. A need to more widely and deeply communicate to the company’s target market on a limited budget.
  2. Uncertainties regarding the optimum means of distribution.
  3. Concerns related to the long term sustainability of the production chain.
  4. A need to refine pricing with a particular focus on competitive shipping costs.


  1. The creation of a business plan to support an application for financing for inventory growth and marketing expenses.
  2. The development of a marketing plan emphasizing fashion and focused on high end fitness centers and yoga facilities.
  3. Build a contingency plan in the case that production sub-contractors are unable to meet expectations.
  4. Rework pricing integrating a provision for free shipping domestically on orders over a specified amount.